Writing a gem with bundler political

LTCi Partnership Refresher, edition So, it's that time again for my bi-annual Long Term Care refresher course actually, I'm a few months early, but figured better safe than sorry, given southwest Ohio January weather. And also as usual, there were a few interesting gems. Called 3in4needMoreit's a website with some great resources, including videos and calculators to help you figure out your own long term care needs.

Writing a gem with bundler political

Democrats holding onto the hoi polloi.

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Democrats want to remake the United States into a top-down social democracy. And they are making great progress. Look at the graph above. It shows that we now have as many government dependents as full-time workers.

Americans who were recipients of means-tested government benefits in outnumbered year-round full-time workers, according to data released [in October] by the Census Bureau.

There were , people in the United States in the fourth quarter of who were recipients of one or more means-tested government benefit programs, the Census Bureau said[, alongside] , people who worked full-time year round in That included both private-sector and government workers.

That means there were about 1. Jeffrey notes his , figure for those receiving benefits does not include people funded solely by non-means-tested government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and non-means-tested veterans compensation.

Robert Samuelson at the Washington Post adds the entitlement population into his picture of how government has wrapped itself around the bulk of voters, even before Obamacare goes into full effect. But Samuelson still finds that after eliminating double counting, about half of U. The top-down, big government model is so yesterday.

Scott Rasmussen, the former pollster whose views are informed by continuous re-examination of popular thinking, writes about how our post-industrial citizenry is undermining centralized control: They dream of public relations programs to overcome it. What is needed, though, is for the government to change its behavior, so that it can earn the trust of the people it serves.

More recently, Rasmussen added that change began in the s with the launch of cable television networks.

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That gave individuals more choices in the s, and the Internet expanded those choices in the s. The culture of individual choice and customization is so strong that no two of these smartphones are alike.

We have different apps, music and more. Over the past 30 years, as society has moved away from centralization, the political class has resisted. Government has grown ever more centralized. The disconnect cannot continue. Sooner or later, the politicians will concede.

writing a gem with bundler political

Change has reached even the heart of the national elite--its capital-centered Washington Post. My first reaction to news that the family had sold the [Washington Post] is simple shock. Foreign reportage, serious investigative or government-accountability coverage -- functions like these have always been, in economic terms, parasites that need to ride along on some profitable host body.

In the old days, that was the fat, bundled newspaper, which provided a range of information to an audience with no technological alternative. We're in the un-bundled era now, and serious journalism has been looking for new host bodies -- much as higher education, museums, the fine arts, etc have also needed support beyond what the flat-out market would provide.

What a graphic euphemism for big government! Andrew was born and raised a liberal. He stopped being a liberal precisely because he believed in the things that liberals claimed they believed in — that all individuals should be treated with respect regardless of race or creed, that they should have a voice in their government, that civil [liberties] matter, and that hypocrisy is wrong.

It was his epiphany that liberals actually believe the opposite of what they preach that drove him out of the liberal camp. Ruben Navarrette, on CNN.

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Think of it as nanny journalism.Oct 12,  · Two Nerdy History Girls Bestselling authors Loretta Chase & Susan Holloway Scott gossip about history, writing, and yes, shoes.

A gold and gem ring, once belonging to Jane Austen. Photograph: Sotheby's. • An open letter to the young women of America from "The Reformed Bundler.". Mar 31,  · Yahoo Search BOSS (B uild your O wn S earch S ervice) was a Yahoo!

Developer Network initiative to provide an open search web services platform.

writing a gem with bundler political

Yahoo discontinued BOSS JSON Search API, BOSS Placefinder API, BOSS Placespotter . Peter Krumins is the CEO of Browserling, Hacker in Residence at Hackers/Founders and advisor at NHS. He loves mathematics, physics, computer science and entrepreneurship.

No one would have been surprised if the Lake Jackson congressman had slipped off the political radar after his quixotic bid for the presidency, his ambitions for higher office thwarted. Bundler is a gem which can track and install exact versions of Gems needed in the project.

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The gem and their specified version will be added to a file, ‘Gemfile’ in the root folder of the application. Developing a RubyGem using Bundler Bundler is a tool created by Carl Lerche, Yehuda Katz, André Arko and various superb contributors for managing Rubygems dependencies in Ruby libraries.

Bundler was released around the same time as Rails 3 and it’s the Rails project where Bundler is probably most well-known usage occurs.

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