Why did peter meineke write advice to my son

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Why did peter meineke write advice to my son

As far as I am aware, there is no such debate, practically every primary and secondary source I have read refers to the Macedonians as speaking a dialect of Greek. The article does not claim that Ancient Macedonian was even possibly Slavic.

It offers 3 conjectures: The article also indicates that the first is believed by the largest number of scholars, and the third by the fewest.

If you go into the article, you will find references for all of this. If there are problems with the references, please fix them or bring them here for discussion. The result of that survey was: Practically every linguistic reference work, except Greek authors, considers the issue to be undecided and undecidable.

We are just laying out the status quo, that is, the three possibilities mentioned. The issue is static, and unless some spectacular non-forgery inscription turns up, it is bound to remain so indefinitely. Both these opposing efforts are more politic than scientific.

Most serious and non-biased scholar will agree that we simply do not know enough about Ancient Macedonian to be sure. What we do know for sure is that Greek was a language used by the Ancient Macedonians, but we cannot say for what reason. Perhaps because it was their own language, or a dialect of the same language?

Or perhaps because they spoke a different language but used Greek because of its importance at that time, just as we are using English now even though many of us speak language not closely related to English. The article, to be NPOV, should make it clear that the only consesus there is on this matter is a consensus of us not knowing enough.

Not to mention the Linguist List. I think it not worth the trouble to demolish such a notion; for any hypothesis of historical linguists which is put forward without taking into account the actual life of a people, is condemned as it were out of its own mouth.

This proves the presence of Greek speakers in Macedon in the 3rd c. We know that it was influenced most severely by Attic from at least the 4th c.

The Pella tablet is a red herring. The language of the tablet has been considered as the actual, uninfluenced "ancient Macedonian language" itself, and not just a Doric dialect that was spoken along with it.

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To quote from Olivier Masson: No one has ever provided an adequate explanation as to why the Macedonians would choose to speak an aberrant form of Doric as a second or "foreign" language, if we accept the theory that the language of the katadesmos was not XMK. All academic sources printed or otherwise date it in between the middle to early 4th century BC: There is also at least one source Hammond quoted by Borza, I think that describe it as late 5th century; but it was probably based on an early draft report.11 reviews of West Chester Foreign Car Service "I took my '97 X Terra to Peter and Scott since the time they opened and always got incredible service and prices that other shops wouldn't even entertain.

why did peter meineke write advice to my son

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why did peter meineke write advice to my son

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