The short and the tall essay

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The short and the tall essay

Hire Writer This is where the resources of the British Patrol are tested as some want to give the Japanese soldier his human rights and follow the laws of the Geneva Convention but others want to break these laws and kill the soldier in cold blood, as they believe he is just an ordinary soldier and there is no need to take him back by risking their own lives.

The character of Bamforth in the play 'The Long, The Short and The 1!tall, by Willis Hall is a complex one. It seems to undergo a series of changes as the story continues, especially when the patrol come across the Japanese prisoner. Satire Essay, Short People. importantly, tall. Unfortunately, height cannot be bought with a Gucci symbol on the side for $ It is a physical feature that a person is born with and cannot change. As a result, those who lack this feature lose their significance in the community because they do not meet the media’s essential element. The Long and the Short and the Tall is set in the Malayan jungle in the Second World War. The British army have retreated to Singapore at the end of the Malayan Peninsula and the Japanese army are moving down the peninsula advancing on them. The play is about a British patrol sent out from Singapore to discover the movements of the Japanese army.

This brings out the character of each of the soldiers as the heated argument of life and death carries on and the tension grows. In my opinion the prisoner has a huge significance in the play and has a large effect on all of the characters.

All of the characters approach the prisoner in different ways and have conflicting views about him. Private Bamforth is probably one of the most important characters in the book.

He is intensely sceptical about war and about the British army. He challenges its authority at every opportunity and mocks his superiors with his knowledge of all the army rules and regulations. He constantly defies other members of the patrol and makes himself more estranged from the rest of the group as the play advances.

He is the one who realises that the Japanese soldier is a human being, that he has a wife and children and he sees him as not just as an enemy P. At first Bamforth was totally the opposite.

He was aggressive towards the Japanese prisoner and was willing to kill him along with Johnstone, using the bayonet. His relationship with the prisoner changes after he is offered a cigarette by him and is shown pictures of his wife and kids.

The short and the tall essay

These two simple actions by the prisoner make Bamforth see him as a human being and not as a P. Bamforth defends the prisoner during the two arguments about the cigarettes and the case and says that he gave him the cigarettes after the prisoner is accused of the stealing them from a British soldier.

When Mitchem makes the decision that they will have to kill the prisoner, Bamforth defends the prisoner orally but when things get serious he is willing to risk his life by positioning himself between the prisoner and Johnstone and Macleish, who both want to kill the prisoner. He tries to get the other men on his side and asks Smith to help him.

Smith tells him to leave him out of it and that he takes orders and simply plods on. Right here you stop and make a stand. Then Bamforth pleads To Whittaker and Evans who also refuse and go against him.

Bamforth is an example, showing us how when a soldier gets to know his enemy he is mentally unable to kill him, as he recognises their humanity.

Sergeant Mitchem is motivated by profession and the army is the most important thing to him, this being proven by his rank. He is the leader of the British Patrol but second only in experience to Johnstone, who is the veteran of the group.

He has natural authority which is first shown when he discovers Macleish and Bamforth about to fight and he restores order swiftly. He is the type of person who knows all the army rules off by heart and tries to back all of his orders by referring to them.

At the beginning Mitchem sees the Japanese prisoner as a source of information, meaning if they took him back, they could interrogate him and gain valuable intelligence about the Japanese army positioning and other facts such as their weaponry and the number of soldiers they had in the region.

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The prisoner is kept alive for the majority of the play because of this reason by Mitchem. This is because it would make it very difficult for him to make an unbiased decision. Lance Corporal Macleish is fairly a young member of the patrol.

He is influenced by his brother, who he believes is a P. W and wants to treat the prisoner the same way he hopes his brother is being taken care of by the Japanese. This shows that he is quite hypocritical; he preaches to others about rules and regulations but when it suits him, he ignores them without any thought.

It is obvious that Corporal Johnstone wants the prisoner dead right from the very start; the main reason for this being that he rather see one enemy soldier dead than all of his patrol killed by Japanese hands and he believes that taking the prisoner back would be imprudent and futile.

He is a racist character and despises all of his enemies including the Japanese. It seems to me he has no hesitation to kill a living person, just for the thrill of it. Because of these reasons there is a possibility that he may be a psychopath as he wants to see the prisoner being murdered in front of his eyes.

He is violent, vicious, with no compassion and is willing to kill in cold blood with no hesitation. This simply shows the pitiless attitude towards the prisoner by Johnstone. The Corporal seems to only have one thing on his mind, to see the prisoner dead.

“The Long and the Short and the Tall” By Willis Hall Essay Sample

Privates Evans and Smith simply follow orders and want to get back to base, and home in one piece. I just plod on. They both just want to do what they have to, to get back to base in one piece. Private Whitaker is probably the most significant character in the play.

He is the new recruit to the patrol squad and is the youngest out of the eight. He was not trained to army standards and cannot handle the radio transmitter appropriately.The Long the Short and the Tall ; he Long and the Short and the Tall Assignment ; Comparison of The long and the short and the tall and Journeys end ; Human Dignity in Willis Hall’s The Long and the Short and the Tall ; The Long The Short and The Tall ; Compare how authors create suspense in .

Essay about Dramatic Techniques Used in The Long and the Short and the Tall - Dramatic Techniques Used in The Long and the Short and the Tall During this play there are dramatic techniques used by Willis Hall to present the moral dilemma faced by the British soldiers during the drama.

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My pet dog short essay writing a successful college essay. To the snake denise levertov analysis essay strong college essays nytimes. We are made aware of the patrol’s attitudes in Act one of ‘The Long, The Short, and the Tall,’ towards the Japanese prisoner from their speech, tone of voice and actions.

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Johnstone, member of the patrol, shows he has a harsh attitude towards the prisoner. “The Long and the Short and the Tall” By Willis Hall Essay Sample. Exam Brief: “The Long and the Short and the Tall” is a play that raises important, difficult questions about individual behaviour in Wartime.

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The long the short and the tall essay