Research papers on men in nursing

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Research papers on men in nursing

Download image These decisions to allow doors to lucrative job opportunities to close do not take place in a vacuum. Many factors might make it difficult for a young woman to see herself working in computer science or a similarly remunerative field.

A particularly depressing example is the well-publicized evidence of sexism in the tech industry Hewlett et al. Young women may be discouraged from certain career paths because of industry culture.

UK Essays is a UK-based essay writing company established in We specialise in providing students with high quality essay and dissertation writing services. In a female dominant profession, being a male faces many problems, however, studies have shown significance advantages for men in nursing profession, because men have potentials of high tech specialties in nursing, such as intensive care, operation abilities, and physical strength, which increase the demand of male nurses in this profession (Wang et al., ). A Comparison of the Career Attainments of Men and Women Healthcare Executives Executive Summary. Download the entire report (PDF) Background. This is the fourth report in a series of research surveys designed to compare the career attainments of men and women healthcare executives. Each report is based on a survey conducted approximately every.

As compared with men, more than twice as many women engage in housework on a daily basis, and women spend twice as much time caring for other household members BLS Because of these cultural norms, women are less likely to be able to handle these extreme work pressures.

In addition, 63 percent of women in SET workplaces experience sexual harassment Hewlett et al. To make matters worse, 51 Research papers on men in nursing abandon their SET training when they quit their job. All of these factors play a role in steering women away from highly paid occupations, particularly in STEM fields.

The long hours required for some of the highest-paid occupations are incompatible with historically gendered family responsibilities Those seeking to downplay the gender wage gap often suggest that women who work hard enough and reach the apex of their field will see the full fruits of their labor.

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In reality, however, the gender wage gap is wider for those with higher earnings. Women in the top 95th percentile of the wage distribution experience a much larger gender pay gap than lower-paid women.

Again, this large gender pay gap between the highest earners is partially driven by gender bias. Harvard economist Claudia Goldin posits that high-wage firms have adopted pay-setting practices that disproportionately reward individuals who work very long and very particular hours.

This means that even if men and women are equally productive per hour, individuals—disproportionately men—who are more likely to work excessive hours and be available at particular off-hours are paid more highly Hersch and Stratton ; Goldin ; Landers, Rebitzer, and Taylor It is clear why this disadvantages women.

Social norms and expectations exert pressure on women to bear a disproportionate share of domestic work—particularly caring for children and elderly parents. This can make it particularly difficult for them relative to their male peers to be available at the drop of a hat on a Sunday evening after working a hour week.

And this disadvantage is reinforced in a vicious circle.

National Center on Elder Abuse, What We Do, Research, Statistics/Data But things are changing.
Men in Nursing - Research Paper Lower age Who are the Perpetrators? Perpetrators are most likely to be adult children or spouses, more likely to be male, to have history of past or current substance abuse, to have mental or physical health problems, to have history of trouble with the police, to be socially isolated, to be unemployed or have financial problems, and to be experiencing major stress.

Imagine a household where both members of a male—female couple have similarly demanding jobs. This perpetuates the expectation that it always makes sense for women to shoulder the majority of domestic work, and further exacerbates the gender wage gap.

Home health aides, for example, are much more likely to be women. But research suggests that women are making a logical choice, given existing constraints. This is because they will likely not see a significant pay boost if they try to buck convention and enter male-dominated occupations.

Exceptions certainly exist, particularly in the civil service or in unionized workplaces Anderson, Hegewisch, and Hayes However, if women in female-dominated occupations were to go into male-dominated occupations, they would often have similar or lower expected wages as compared with their female counterparts in female-dominated occupations Pitts Thus, many women going into female-dominated occupations are actually situating themselves to earn higher wages.

These choices thereby maximize their wages Pitts This holds true for all categories of women except for the most educated, who are more likely to earn more in a male profession than a female profession.

There is also evidence that if it becomes more lucrative for women to move into male-dominated professions, women will do exactly this Pitts In short, occupational choice is heavily influenced by existing constraints based on gender and pay-setting across occupations.

To make matters worse, when women increasingly enter a field, the average pay in that field tends to decline, relative to other fields. Levanon, England, and Allison found that when more women entered an industry, the relative pay of that industry 10 years later was lower. Specifically, they found evidence of devaluation—meaning the proportion of women in an occupation impacts the pay for that industry because work done by women is devalued.

Computer programming is an example of a field that has shifted from being a very mixed profession, often associated with secretarial work in the past, to being a lucrative, male-dominated profession Miller ; Oldenziel While computer programming has evolved into a more technically demanding occupation in recent decades, there is no skills-based reason why the field needed to become such a male-dominated profession.

When men flooded the field, pay went up. In contrast, when women became park rangers, pay in that field went down Miller Further compounding this problem is that many professions where pay is set too low by market forces, but which clearly provide enormous social benefits when done well, are female-dominated.

If closing gender pay differences can help boost pay and professionalism in these key sectors, it would be a huge win for the economy and society.

Conclusion The gender wage gap is real—and hurts women across the board. Too often it is assumed that this gap is not evidence of discrimination, but is instead a statistical artifact of failing to adjust for factors that could drive earnings differences between men and women.

However, these factors—particularly occupational differences between women and men—are themselves affected by gender bias.>> Research papers >> Research Paper Topics A list of Unique Nursing Research Topics Child Nursing.

Effects of music therapy in pain relief on children during phlebotomy. Are women likely to die of a heart attack than men? Midwifery. Water birth; Is it the idealized type of birth? Within this research paper, I will explore the nursing job field and also give statistics on the nursing field.

Nursing is a profession filled with limitless personal and professional rewards. When choosing a career in nursing, you are choosing to spend your life giving, and helping others.

The need for more research is urgent and it is an area that calls out for a coordinated, systematic approach that includes policy-makers, researchers and funders.

1 This page includes information on the growing population of older adults in the U.S. and provides the following data about elder abuse: challenges in elder abuse research, research.

Research papers on men in nursing

I would like to research why men are entering the nursing profession. I feel that a male would join the profession because of the hours a nurse works. Nursing Essays] Research Papers words ( pages) Essay about Gender in Nursing - Are male nurses accepted by female nurses.

Nursing was mainly a female career, over the . Track accepted paper. Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Nursing is historically seen as a field dominated by women. However, new research from the University of Notre Dame and the University of Louisville shows that the number of men in the field has risen substantially since , a marker of changing economic and social trends.

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