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He was an Army sergeant, shot at and wounded during his first tour in Afghanistan. When Narvaez touched down on U. His mother had exhausted every legal route to obtain permanent residency in the U.

Photo essay obama

World Jan 14, 6: According to the U.

Photo essay obama

Where did the money go? While the number of Haitians living in these tent camps have decreased since the earthquake, camps housing more than 85, people remain open, Amnesty International said. Five years after the devastating Haiti earthquake, many of the tent camps and shantytowns that once sheltered some 1.

A four-person panel appointed by U. The report did no find the U.

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Haitian plaintiffs, in response, filed a class-action lawsuit in the hopes of holding the U. Frustration in Haiti has boiled over into public outcry against government corruption. A woman walks past the fence that covers the view of what was the Presidential Palace before it was destroyed when magnitude 7.

Five years later a church has been built next to the ruins and the city of Port-au-Prince struggles to recover even as the government is locked in a stalemate over parliamentary elections that have been delayed for several years. With an unemployment rate of nearly 40 percent, the majority of Haitians live under the national poverty line, the Associated Press reported.

Centered is Jackson Doliscar, who, at the time, represented FRAKKA Force for Reflection and Action on Housingan organization that acted as advocates on behalf of earthquake survivors, providing legal aid and calling for a more sustainable plan to resettle displaced persons.

Doliscar is flanked by camp committee members who, at every one of these camps, help promote the rights of the people living in these camps, AJWS said.

Her family built the shelter over the land where their home once stood before the earthquake. Five years since a magnitude 7.Obama established one of the most reckless precedents imaginable: that any president can secretly order and oversee the extrajudicial killing of American citizens.

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“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.” So wrote President Barack Obama, back on Jan. 29, , just days into his presidency. A photo shoot reveals a playful side of the President-elect Photographs by Lisa Jack. Barack Obama and Kenya: His African Roots.

By Arjen Koopman. Download the photo essay "Barack Obama's Kenyan Roots" for free at this site. Although he only visited Kenya twice in his life, US Senator and current Presidential candidate Barack Obama is half Kenyan, half American by descent. 44 Of The Most Iconic Pictures Of President Barack Obama.

BuzzFeed News Photo Essay Editor President Obama speaks after a televised national address from the Oval Office of the White House.

Photo essay obama

Donna Vanzant struggled through flooded streets and downed power lines two days after superstorm Sandy.

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