Orwell essays hsc

It won't be marked or anything, I just want to improve my skills. Make close reference to the text He has incorporated subtle predictions into his text about how society was about to change in order to expose the audience to possible repercussions in the future.

Orwell essays hsc

Lang reflects the anxieties of the Weimar Republic of Germany, under the stresses following the First World War, highlighting the consequences of rapid industrialisation and the subsequent disunity between the working and upper classes.

Orwell conversely reflects upon the rise of Communism and Fascism in Europe, warning against despotic Orwell essays hsc. Through exploring the ways ideas are appropriated across juxtaposing contexts, responders are able to gain a deeper understanding of the salient and enduring values of freedom, conformity and individuality as a result of their contextual experiences.

The values of the Weimar Republic set the doctrine of the film in which visual forms reveal the ironic mastery of machine and industrialisation over man. Lang uses a montage of machines cross cut with the symbol of a mechanical clock ticking to midnight to emphasise the political and social chaos in his society.

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Additional cuts of steam vents signify the underlying pressures that plagued the Weimar Republic by in the interwar period, but also the ideological tensions that characterized the period. Tension leads to revolution in Metropolis. Hence, Lang examines his era in which the solution for their debt is to sacrifice the freedom of the individual for rapid industrialisation.

Has it ever occurred to you that it is reversible? Lang dehumanises the workers underground, segregated from the upper class through a series of high angle shots accompanied by accelerando non diegetic music.

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Conflict between the exploited individual and controlling society results in confusion and violence. Lang draws upon a resolution that is reflective of the Dawes Plan in resulting in a subsequent political and social establishment in Weimar Germany.

Orwell essays hsc

Orwell warns his audience against a government which abolishes civil rights and manipulates the individual through perpetual propaganda.

The satire critiques the principles of Stalinism and Nazism, forms of totalitarianism that flourished across Europe in the 30s and 40s. The upper class allow such tyrants to assume power in which the rest of society are thus constrained to conform to.

This is observed through the verbal irony in the apathetic reactions between Winston and Julia after torture. Through the comparison of these texts, the responder is able to achieve a deeper understanding of the influences of textual form as well as context in shaping meaning between texts.

Metropolis and Nineteen Eighty-Four depict the overwhelming tension between the desire of individuality and totalitarian societies. By analysing how textual form conveys similar ideologies across juxtaposing contexts, responders gain a deeper knowledge on the role of the individual to freedom or conformity.

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On the day, make some more up on the spot to emphasise the points they ask for Theme that they give us Context.This prezi provides an approach to responding to George Orwell's essays, which are prescribed texts for HSC Module B, Critical Study of Texts ().

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The complete works of george orwell, searchable format. Also contains a biography and quotes by George Orwell.

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