Jesus is a brand of jeans

Her tone on her article is that she's very concerned because the advertisers are not aiming at a particular audience but the general public which is very dangerous to younger generations. One of her strategies to convey this so called gigantic propaganda effort by advertisers is provoking the title of her article " Jesus is a Brand of Jeans", and she also repeats it in one of the paragraphs in her article to acknowledge that advertisers are also using spiritual concepts to persuade people to sell their products.

Jesus is a brand of jeans

When products become more important than people and love is materialized in products, the human consciousness vanishes allowing a process of dehumanization to take place. It is literally the love of power overthrowing the power of love.

How poisonous is that? If we take the time and climb the pyramid to see the source of this unfortunate occurring, we will find that the capitalistic system is the ultimate culprit because it is based on greed and it creates benefit through conflict.

I think one cannot critically discuss advertisements without bringing up the main generator of ads. I truly enjoyed reading the article because Jean Kilbourne took the goal of ads to its most extreme ideology which is valuing relationships with products over relationships with humans.

Jesus is a brand of jeans

Relationships with human beings are messy, unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous. What kind of comfort or confidence is that? Here we assist to an obvious illusionary scenario played by the ads corporation.

Today this topic is of extreme importance because these capitalistic monsters are surrounding our environment and are infiltrating subconscious messages that connect our most profound feelings to materiel products.

We must remain vigilant to these human violations, especially in a capitalistic era where the gap between what it means to be human and the way we live our lives is getting bigger and bigger.When Gene Montesano, 63, and Barry Perlman, 57, launched Lucky Brand blue jeans in , it was almost unheard-of to charge $70 for denim pants.

Jesus is a brand of jeans

"Jesus is a brand of jeans" article by Jean Kilbourne The link address is: © Houston Community College.

Summary of “Jesus is a brand of Jeans” This article tells readers that how do advertisements influence human’s daily life silently.

Refine Results Many advertisements these days make us feel as if we have an intimate, even passionate relationship with a product.

According to this article, it says that nowadays advertisements tell buyers that buyers will be loved by things they have bought instead/5(1). Free shipping and returns on Jesús Peiró Wedding Dresses at BasicNet SpA, the parent of Jesus Jeans, which is the owner of the "Jesus" trademark, has launched a crusade against other companies that use the word "Jesus" in connection with apparel.

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