India business report bbc 2015 las vegas

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India business report bbc 2015 las vegas

North of the Equator Latitude: Hindi is one of the 22 official languages English is used for official communication Geography and Climate1 Covering an area of 3. Extending from the Himalayas in the north, it stretches southwards to the Tropic of Cancer and tapers off into the Indian Ocean between the Bay of Bengal on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west.

India's climate varies significantly from the permanently snow-capped Himalayas in the north to the tropical south. In spite of much of the north of India lying beyond the tropical zone, the entire country has a tropical climate marked by relatively high temperatures and dry winters.

There are four seasons in India: Political System2 India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, and democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government.

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It is governed by the Constitution of India, which came into force on 26 January, It has a federal government with 29 states and seven union territories, and is the largest democracy in the world.

The government is divided into three structural segments: The executive branch comprises the President as the head of state, the Vice President, and the Council of Ministers. The Council, headed by the Prime Minister, aids and advises the President.

Thus, the real executive power is vested in the Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister head of the government. The Parliament is the supreme legislative body of India.

Elections to the Lok Sabha are held every five years, after which the Prime Minister is appointed by the President. The Supreme Court is the apex body of the Indian legal system, followed by the High Courts and subordinate courts. The judiciary is independent of the executive, and legislative branches of the government.

Legal System3 India has one of the oldest legal systems in the world. The Constitution of India is the supreme law of the country; it gives due recognition to statutes, case laws and customary laws consistent with its dispensations.

There is also a vast body of laws known as subordinate legislations in the form of rules, regulations, and bylaws made by the central and state governments and local authorities. The Constitution has generally provided for a single integrated system of courts to administer both union and state laws.

As mentioned previously, the judiciary is divided into various levels, with the courts forming a strict hierarchy of importance: Population India is currently the second most populous country in the world, with an estimated 1.

It will soon have the largest and youngest workforce in the world6. Language The Constitution of India recognizes 22 different local languages, of which Hindi is used for official communication along with English at a national level. However, according to the census, about 30 languages are spoken by more than a million native speakers, and are spoken by more than 10, speakers.

According to the census, literacy rates stand at The Reserve Bank of India, which is the central bank of the country, has the sole authority to issue banknotes and coins.

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Business hours vary from 8 to 10 hours a day, depending on the type of organization, i. Public Vacation Days7 India has three Federal vacation days: Economy India is among the fastest growing economies in the world. It is the third largest economy in terms of gross domestic product GDP based on purchasing power parity PPP and the sixth largest by nominal GDP The service sector has been driving economic growth in India, accounting for Many new initiatives have been taken up by the government to facilitate investment and ease of doing business in the country.

Revive growth by fueling investments in infrastructure and manufacturing Promote foreign direct investment FDI selectively in sectors Introduce administrative reforms to expedite project implementation Have a stable, predictable, and investor-friendly taxation regime Increase transparency and establish systems to eliminate corruption Strengthen and expand India's trade network with regional, bilateral, and multilateral trade agreements According to the International Monetary Fund IMFIndia's GDP growth is estimated at 7.

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India's economy has grown at a strong pace in recent years owing to the implementation of critical structural reforms, favorable terms of trade, and lower external vulnerabilities. Beyond the challenges faced in November due to demonetization, currency exchange initiative and policy actions should focus on reducing labor and product market rigidities to ease firm entry and exit, expand the manufacturing base, and gainfully employ the abundant pool of labor.

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india business report bbc 2015 las vegas

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