Ccarlos santana essay

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Ccarlos santana essay

When at the age of five he took up the violin which then developed his interested in music. Years later after his family moved to Tijuana it was then he began to play with the guitar, the instrument that would lead to his greatness. He was fascinated and surpassed his guitar heroes; they were John Lee Hooker, T.

Bone Walker, and B.

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In he graduated from Mission High school to then supported his family by getting a job as a dishwasher. There has been curiousity on how the band picks up the Latin influence. Neither Santana or Rolie had an sympathy for the style.

At that time in his life he was being exposed to all kinds of music in San Francisco. Santana found out that the audience enjoyed the Latin Percussion and it was a key element in his music. Santana was signed to Colombia Records and at Colombia it was there they recorded their first album.

Marcus Malone was forced to quit due to some personal problems so the band brought back Michael Carabello and he brought along an accomplice who happens to be Jose Chepito Areas a percussionist known in his country, Nicaragua and because of his experience he was also a key element into making the band what it is today.

A fan of Santana, Bill Graham has convinced promotes to let Santana play at the Wood Stock Music and Art Festival to let them perform before the releasing of their first album. In the band sold over 4 million copies of their second album, Abraxas, it became 1 on album charts.

So this started to lead to the break up of the band known as Santana. There were still problems going on with the band. Santana Was Worried that members of the band that were doing drugs would affect the performance of the band.

David Brown left the group because ofMar 09,  · Carlos Santana's great music album named Supernatural. This paper emphasizes on the music produced by Santana in collaboration with other artists.

Ccarlos santana essay

This paper highlights the type of music in Supernatural and its affect on the general audience. Carlos Santana Essay Carlos Santana Ryan Conroy All the world knows the special magic of Carlos Santana. Since , he has led the group that bears his name, selling over 30 million albums and performing before an estimated 13 million people.

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The story of Santana begins in Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, Mexico. He was born Carlos Augusto Alves Santana on July, 20, He had two brother and four sisters%(3). One of the most moving tracks from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, “To Zion” is a song that Lauryn wrote about her first son and child, Zion David (born in August ).His father is Rohan.

“intuition builds better cities”: an interview / discussion between ayssar arida and carlos sant’ana The English version of the AA Interview from ARCHITECTURA E VIDA, JAN is now online. Email.

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