Biological level of analysis

Blog The Cognitive Level of Analysis When we sit and consider ourselves as individuals and as psychologists we often do this more often than we shouldit is not the biological level that we end up at. Rather, our introspection takes us to a different world, those of our cognitions.

Biological level of analysis

Outcome answers, summaries and evaluations of experiments pertaining to the International Baccalaureate Psychology SL syllabus. Blog run by International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme graduate. Explain how Biological level of analysis relates to the biological perspective. Explain why the reductionist approach is regarded as controversial.

Describe one study from the biological perspective and discuss how this study has contributed to our understanding of behavior.

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Outline one strength and one limitation of the biological perspective in explaining one psychological or social question. Explain how one hormone influences human behavior.

Explain how evolution has influenced human behavior. Explain how one or more neurotransmitters affect human behavior. Explain how one study demonstrates localisation of the brain.

The levels of analysis in Psychology

Distinguish between localisation and lateralisation. Evaluate two research methods that are used in the biological perspective. Discuss ethical considerations related to genetic influences of behavior. Discuss how and why particular research methods are used at the BLA, with reference to at least one study.

Discuss the use of brain imaging technoloqies to investigate the relationship between biological factors and behavior. Outline one assumption of the cognitive perspective.

Identify one key concept based on the assumption outlined above and explain their relationship. Explain how one key concept from the cognitive perspective helps us understand behavior.

Explain one theoretical explanation of human behavior in the cognitive perspective. Describe one study that investigated the schema theory.

Biological level of analysis

Outline two principles that define the cognitive level of analysis. Outline how emotion affects one cognitive process. Describe one ethical consideration related to one research study at the cognitive level.

Explain how one biological factor can affect a cognitive process. Assess the extent to which one model of information has helped in understanding cognitive processes. Explain the extent to which free will and determinism relate to the cognitive perspective.

To what extent do social or cultural factors affect one cognitive process? To what extent is one cognitive process reliable?

Describe one theory that is relevant to the social learning theory. Describe one theory that is relevant to the social identity theory. Outline two errors in attribution.

Describe one theory or study on the formation of stereotypes. Explain one compliance technique. Explain why one particular method has been utilised in the socio-cultural level of analysis. Distinguish between emic and etic.Sep 16,  · Martinez and Kesner, On Acetylcholine and its Role on Memory Formation Before reading, you should be comfortable with: neurotransmitters - the principles of the biological level of analysis.

The biological level of analysis (BLA) states that all cognitions, emotions and behaviours have a physiological basis. State the principles of the BLA There are three underlying principles that define the BLA.

Displaying Powerpoint Presentation on Biological Level Of Analysis AP Psychology Community available to view or download. Download Biological Level Of Analysis . Learning outcomes Biological Level of Analysis Biological level of analysis: physiology and behaviour p. Biological level of analysis chapter 2 1 nervous-system-structure-and-function The Human Nervous System part 1 Get the science behind the teenage brain: Rubric for the Brain Group Work: Presentation & Factual information: rubric-for-the-brain-group-work American Psychological.

Hence, gender differences at the biological level are found on the Y chromosome. Gender plays a factor in cognitive maturation in that boys tend to develop and learn differently than girls.

Research suggests that boys have lower levels of school readiness than girls. Outline principles that define the biological level of analysis and explain how these principles may be demonstrated in research Sample Cards: what are the 3 principles, principle 1 1 2 there are biological , principle 1 2 2 the bloa is 2 8 Cards Preview Flashcards.

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