Analysis of stopping by a wood

The poem appears to be very simple, but it has a hidden meaning to it. The simple words and rhyme scheme of the poem gives it an easy flow, which adds to the calmness of the poem. The rhyme scheme aaba, bbcb, ccdc, dddd and the rhythm iambic tetrameter give the poem a solid structure.

Analysis of stopping by a wood

Analysis of stopping by a wood

See also some links to other sites you may find instructive. How can you help? You can offer advice in various subjects, like electronics, underwater acoustics, freshwater biology, animal behaviour, hydrodynamics, underwater archaeology etc. You can suggest suitable equipment, or help to build it.

You can give me instructions how to do it, or you could lend items to me. You can contribute useful material and components.

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You can send suitable information for inclusion in the database. This could be, for example, data on the different types of surface waves caused by objects moving on a water surface, or the mating displays of common seals and otters.

A provisional species list is given for guidance as to the species recorded, or suspected, in the area. Please email me if you have interesting pictures of any of the species listed, doing something unusual or not looking normal.

You can ask about coming here and taking part in the operations. You can offer to support the work by buying copies of the underwater videotapes of the loch side and bottom, and the lapse time surface recordings.

These are compulsive viewing and seem to have a useful secondary function of sending small children to sleep. I hope to have them available by March The new Investigation has already started.

As you read this, there is monitoring equipment working away, night and day. These are just some of the ways you can take part, and your support, interest, or contributions can remain confidential. Please send in your comments, queries and offers of help to Projects and Essays Students wishing to obtain colourful material for projects and essays can enter the words "nessie", and "loch ness monster" into their favourite search engine and they will be transported into a brightly coloured world where unlikely animals swim around, and slither across roads unchallenged by Truth, Reality, or the Laws of Physics.

I can offer no guidance! Many sites compete to present the "myths" or "legends", which, by very definition, cannot be true. In general they do not make any attempt to distinguish between fact and fiction, and a fraction even seeks to create friction.

The history of the search at Loch Ness is described in several books, with intelligent discussion of the zoological possibilities in two of them, Gould and Mackal In time, I may have a few facts to add, but not yet!

If you can obtain my videotapes you will get an idea of the difficulties we face. The length of Loch Ness is slightly greater than the distance between England and France.

The yarns that have been spun are vastly longer. I have the opinion that authors on this subject should nurture their readers on the milk of their experience, rather than regurgitated, fictional, pulp.

If you are desperate for informed comment on the "classic" Nessie material, check out Tony Harmsworth's web site when you have finished on mine. It's a jungle out there, but Tony Harmsworth is an experienced guide! The Contents of Loch Ness - a Database. We must start on the database.

The technical construction will be worked on later, and suggestions are very welcome. Please email your comments to me. The site will be updated as new data become available. We will start with a list of vertebrates known to be present. In some cases, the presence of a species at one time of the year, engaged in some special activity, may have generated a well-known observation or "sighting" which has not been recognised as normal animal behaviour.

It will be our task to identify these events.The Loch Ness Investigation web-site boldly takes its name from the expeditions which ran from to , and were organised by the late David parent organisation was the "Loch Ness Phenomena Investigation Bureau" or "LNPIB", which later shortened it's name to "Loch Ness Investigation Bureau" or "LNIB".I was a volunteer observer & camera operator from , when I .

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